Law & Order’s New DA Is Coming For McCoy’s Rusty Methods

Law & Order’s New DA Is Coming For McCoy’s Rusty Methods
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Let’s see whether the enthusiasm lasts.


  • Over the years, Law & Order has been one of the most compelling crime shows on television.
  • However, after it was revived in 2022, it immediately hit a rough patch and failed to impress viewers.
  • The new DA, portrayed by Tony Goldwyn, may be just what the show needs to shake things up.

While Law & Order remains one of the most popular and powerful franchises not only on NBC, but in American television as a whole, there is no denying that the series has been going through a rough patch lately.

While Special Victims Unit is still somehow winning over viewers thanks to Mariska Hargitay 's charisma, and Organized Crime is too fresh to run out of ideas and feel repetitive, it's the original Law & Order revival that feels like a huge mistake with every new episode.

Is there any chance of fixing it? Many viewers seem to doubt it, but if there is, the team behind the show might want to do it quickly. Throwing a few new characters into the mix might not be a bad first step, even if they're replacing someone as beloved as Jack McCoy.

Law & Order New District Attorney

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Introducing a new character to such a large and popular franchise is always as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. The new prosecutor has to stand out from all the others who've been there before, yet still be worthy of the position.

According to actor Tony Goldwyn, best known for his roles in another television hit Scandal and Christopher Nolan 's Oppenheimer, Nicholas Baxter is the perfect man to fill that role. Speaking to TVLine, he teased what to expect from his character's upcoming appearance:

“Whereas McCoy was very much, ‘The law is everything and the law tells us exactly what the decision needs to be,’ Nicholas Baxter is a guy who really takes in broader political implications of every decision. Baxter has a different vibe than McCoy, and I think it puts everyone on edge,” he explained.

Although the specifics of Law & Order usually don't leave much room for fun, this shakeup in the team could be very entertaining to watch. According to Goldwyn, his character also has a very proactive and hands-on approach to cases, so we'll be seeing more of him in the middle of various crime scenes.

While Jack McCoy was more conservative in his approach to cases, his actions were completely justified, and he was the veteran of the show who will be sorely missed on viewers' screens.

Law & Order’s New DA Is Coming For McCoy’s Rusty Methods - image 2As for newcomer Nicholas Baxter, it remains to be seen how his political views will affect his performance.

However, Law & Order has to keep moving forward no matter what, so if you're ready to keep up with the show, tune in every Thursday for new episodes on NBC.

Source: TVLine