Leo DiCaprio Is the Reason You Shouldn't Expect Timothee Chalamet in MCU

Leo DiCaprio Is the Reason You Shouldn't Expect Timothee Chalamet in MCU
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

We know him, we love him, we can't get enough of him…

Of course, we are talking about Gen Z's favorite sweetheart Timothee Chalamet who has captured everyone's hearts and captured them for good.

Some people are saying that the 27-year-old actor's career has already peaked, while others believe that there is more to expect from him. So far, the latter seem to be right. Thankfully!

However, many fans are yearning for a Chalamet superhero movie and are begging for a Marvel and/or DC miracle. Same, guys, same! Wanna join our Chalamet-less Marvel support group?

Seeing as Timothee was among those who received Leonardo DiCaprio 's (in)famous advice, this scenario is highly unlikely.

When the two actors first met while filming Don't Look Up together back in 2018, Leo shared his sacred career rule with Timmy, "No hard drugs and no superhero movies." The reason for such a restriction?

It is believed that the rule came about because of one of DiCaprio's best friends – Tobey Maguire.

The beloved actor saw tremendous success after 2002's Spider-Man but then his career kind of went downhill after the mess that was Spider-Man 3.

Even the trilogy director Sam Raimi admitted on the Nerdist podcast that the third Spider-Man movie "didn't work very well."

We suspect Leo has learned from Tobey's unfortunate mistakes and is now doing his best to warn his younger, less experienced colleagues. This is actually very sweet, considering how cutthroat the film industry usually is. Good one, Leo!

It looks like Timothee has decided to take his wise co-star's advice for now, and we may not see Chalamet in a cape of some sort anytime soon. Too bad, he would look awesome in one!

He does, however, have two upcoming movies in 2023 so far – Dune: Part Two and Wonka. At least, we will get to enjoy Timmy's outstanding acting on the big screen this year. Could have been much, much worse, right?

Let's hope that Timothee doesn't follow in Leonardo's footsteps when he is 40 and is deciding what the appropriate age limit for his partner should be… Just kidding, of course!