Leo DiCaprio Would Never Star In This $2B Movie If It Wasn’t For Paul Rudd

Leo DiCaprio Would Never Star In This $2B Movie If It Wasn’t For Paul Rudd
Image credit: globallookpress

Can you imagine Titanic without DiCaprio? Yeah, it sounds crazy now, but there were times when the chances of seeing him there were almost zero.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood's A-list actors, and his talents are highly regarded in the industry. His fame skyrocketed after his and Kate Winslet 's Titanic deservedly became one of the greatest movies of all time.

Looking back on the role, the actor has no second thoughts and is glad he made the decision to say yes to director James Cameron after giving it a little too much thought. Considering that it would have been a huge leap in his career, his overthinking was completely understandable.

Anyway, DiCaprio finally said yes to the role, but we have to thank Paul Rudd for that, as he was the one who convinced Leonardo to agree to the role in the first place.

It seems that these two actors were already friends back then, and at that time DiCaprio was offered roles in two movies. As some of you may know, one of them was Titanic, and the other one was Boogie Nights. That's why he was so unsure what to choose for his future.

But the good thing is that Rudd was there to help him decide. Leo told him that he was not sure if it was a good decision to choose James Cameron's movie because it would be the first time he would be acting in a big budget movie. Before that, DiCaprio had only appeared in smaller films that were not too successful.

As Rudd later said, he had been trying hard to convince Leonardo DiCaprio to do the movie because it was the chance of a lifetime. He was happy to see his friend get a big break and wished him well.

And now, thanks to the Ant-Man star, we have the Titanic we know and love... and rewatch occasionally when we want to have a melodramatic evening.