Lessons in Chemistry's Creator Breaks Fans' Hearts With Vague S2 Update

Lessons in Chemistry's Creator Breaks Fans' Hearts With Vague S2 Update
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Will Brie Larson reprise one of her best roles?


  • Lessons in Chemistry introduced viewers to a confidently feminist show that became a hit on Apple TV and sparked discussions about the possibility of a second season.
  • Show creator Lee Eisenberg believes the show ended as it should have, creatively and emotionally, but does not rule out a second season if the ideas are right.
  • The main obstacle to a second season is the lack of a book source.

The new Apple TV show (all eight episodes are available to watch now) starring Brie Larson, Lessons in Chemistry, is one of the biggest hits of the fall.

Based on the novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus, the show tells the story of a scientist named Elizabeth who dreamed of making discoveries in chemistry and dedicating herself to science, but was unlucky with two things: gender and time she was born in.

Lessons in Chemistry Is a Confident Feminist Statement

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In other words, no one took women in science seriously in the 1950s – it was believed that their place was in the kitchen. So Elizabeth's intelligence and talent found an unexpected use – she became the host of a popular cooking show.

The scientist, brilliantly played by Brie Larson, is a shining example of how women, faced with injustice and discrimination but believing in their destiny, still find their way to their dreams, one way or another.

The heroine of Lessons in Chemistry falls and rises, but never ceases to believe in science and to seek a way to find her place in it. And one of her ironic and stubborn looks is enough to make all those people who do not allow a woman to do what she loves look pathetic and ridiculous. Although Elizabeth ends up in the kitchen, she manages to influence millions of women.

Is Lessons in Chemistry Season 2 Possible?

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Not surprisingly, after such success, talk of a second season began. The show's creator, Lee Eisenberg, comments on whether the story needs a second chapter:

“It felt like emotionally, things ended, for us at least, on a satisfying note. I’m completely open to the idea of going beyond another season if we have the right idea. […] From a creative perspective, we haven’t landed on anything that makes me think we’re ready to do that.”

The main obstacle to a second season of Lessons in Chemistry is that while the first season was based on a book by Bonnie Garmus, the next season will have to be written from scratch. And such an approach, as we know, can end not just badly, but disastrously (yes, Game of Thrones, we're looking at you).

Perhaps Lee Eisenberg's show would be better off as a short, bright flash in the pan rather than the project that is being extended for the sake of profit and the hope of repeating the success of the first season.

After all, many successful shows have had one season and only benefited from it – The Queen's Gambit, Sharp Objects, and everyone's favorite, Mike Flanagan 's Midnight Mass.

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