"Lighter, Fun Daredevil"? It's a No, Fans Say

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Now that Marvel has announced an upcoming Daredevil project, it seems that the show will step away from the dark and brutal atmosphere of Netflix's series.

It looks like Marvel studio does not mind bringing some fun to Matt Murdock's universe and make the character more upbeat.

Speaking with Murphy's Multiverse, Sana Amanat, the co-creator of 'Ms. Marvel' and the editor on Mark Waid's Daredevil run, said that the studio is open to unexpected takes on the character. Moreover, in case with Daredevil, the take will not be too unexpected, since Matt Murdock was described as a pretty upbeat character in Waid's comics.

However, this will be a stark difference to what fans grew accustomed to with Netflix's canceled show. And it's not like everyone is ready to bid adieu to the gloomy and brutal Daredevil Netflix brought to us.

Many fans were quick to point out that Waid's lighter tone did not mean that there was absolutely no darkness in the comics.

Waid's run deliberately gave us 'Happy Matt', just so that he could pull the carpet out from under us and allow Matt's depression to make him fall even further. I've no problem with Matt developing a more positive attitude, so long as the dark is still hiding behind that mask, – @potato_halforc.

The ideal solution, some people point out, would be to simply continue with the original series, given that Charlie Cox is expected to return as Matt Murdock.

I’m pretty sure the majority want a continuation of the original series. Which happened to be the best comic book adaptation ever released to the small screen. Why would you screw that up? – @SydNick13.

But there is a different opinion as well. Since the Netflix show has been canceled, it could possibly be better for Daredevil to try being something completely new – even if it means less brutality and darkness.

i've grown tired of hearing them demanding the same dark & gritty treatment for the new marvel studios production. have some imagination, will you? he's got lots of bright and colorful comics run, like the one featured in your piece. let the new creative team take a stab at it, – @mcu_shrill.

The new take on 'Daredevil' is currently in early development, with the release date yet to be scheduled.

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