Logan, T'Challa, Tony Stark, or Neither of Them: Fans Clash Over Marvel's Most Stylish Superhero

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When you're a superhero, your powers and attitude are important, yes; but the ability to deliver a look will always do you good.

A list ranking a bunch of Marvel superheroes in something – anything, really – is the best way to trigger an online squabble. This is exactly what GQ magazine did by ranking the most stylish Marvel characters.

The magazine declared Logan the most stylish, and placed – ironically – Dr.Strange in the last place due to a "nice cape". Miles Morales and his street style found themselves in second place, with characters like Tony Stark, T'Challa, Blade, Eddie Brock, and even Oscar Isaac's Steven Grant rocking their looks somewhere in the middle.

And fans beg to differ.

No, really. News flash: the Marvel world does not end with Tony Start (arguably) and Wolverine. For some reason, not a single female superhero was included in the list.

But even among the male characters, there are certain ones who have been unfairly ignored by GQ, fans argue.

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