Lord Voldemort Wrote Ginny's Love Poem to Harry, Bizarre Theory Claims

Lord Voldemort Wrote Ginny's Love Poem to Harry, Bizarre Theory Claims
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Remember the embarrassing love poem poor little Ginny Weasley wrote for Harry in The Chamber of Secrets? One small detail suggests it was Lord Voldemort’s doing.


  • Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort shared a unique magical bond, but their story was one of hatred and trying to murder each other by any means.
  • Young Ginny Weasley wrote a love poem to Harry in The Chamber of Secrets, and it referred to Voldemort as “the Dark Lord,” the title Death Eaters used.
  • Seeing how Ginny was close to Tom Riddle’s diary at the time, it’s likely that Voldemort himself wrote at least that portion of the love poem if not more.

Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle Jr., had a very special relationship, as Albus Dumbledore used to point out — but it was hardly a romantic one, regardless of what certain fic writers might tell you. Voldemort tried to murder Harry multiple times, and The Boy Who Lived was equally hostile toward the Dark Lord, though for nobler reasons.

Despite that, there are reasons to believe that at least one love poem was exchanged between the two rivals, as uncomfortable as it sounds. Do you remember the cute but embarrassing poem Ginny Weasley wrote for Harry on Valentine’s Day? Well, it was most likely written by Tom Riddle, at least, partially.

Ginny’s friendship with Voldemort

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In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Lord Voldemort is, as usual, the main antagonist — but unlike in other chapters, in this one, it’s his younger version. The diary of Tom Riddle Jr. was used as his Horcrux, and a part of young Voldemort’s soul was sitting inside, communicating with the people outside via written texts.

Thanks to Lucious Malfoy’s pathetic vindictiveness, Ginny came into possession of the diary and began talking to the Horcrux. She quickly came to trust the charming and devious Tom Riddle and started considering him her friend — and among other things, she used to confess her feelings for Harry Potter to the diary.

People tend to ask their friends for dating advice, don’t they? Especially older ones.

Ginny and Voldemort’s love poem

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On Valentine’s Day, Ginny Weasley presents Harry with a love poem where she reveals her feelings for The Boy Who Lived. “His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad, his hair is as dark as a blackboard. I wish he was mine, he’s really divine, the hero who conquered the Dark Lord,” it reads. Notice anything strange?

In the poem, Voldemort is referred to as “the Dark Lord” — the term mostly used by the Death Eaters and Tom Riddle himself. Others have always called him either You-Know-Who out of fear or simply Voldemort out of spite. Ginny herself would later only use these two variations, and she would never call him “the Dark Lord.”

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Seeing how she was very close with the diary at the time, it only seems logical that Ginny asked Tom Riddle for help with her poem — and he clearly did help her. There was no reason for an 11-year-old Weasley girl to refer to Voldemort that way other than the fact that he himself suggested she used the title…for the rhyme, of course.

So in a way, Lord Voldemort once wrote a love poem to Harry Potter, and that’s definitely something he decided to never bring up during his future conversations with The Boy Who Lived…and anyone else, for that matter. The relationship between the two was weirdly poetic in a “don’t ship them” kind of way: apart from this Valentine’s Day case, Harry and Tom also shared a prophecy about them.

But really, don’t ship them. Please.