LotR, Harry Potter & 15 More Movies to Stream on Max in January 2024

LotR, Harry Potter & 15 More Movies to Stream on Max in January 2024
Image credit: HBO Max

HBO Max seems to have set the stage for a January where the chill in the air outside is the perfect excuse to stay in and lose yourself in stories that remind you why these movies became classics in the first place.

January 2024 is turning out to be a month of nostalgic trips and magical adventures on HBO Max, with a lineup that's like a treasure chest of classics, including the likes of 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Harry Potter ', movies that have a special way of whisking you away to worlds where wizards, dragons, and epic quests aren't just figments of the imagination, but realities that live and breathe on screen.

This collection, 17 movies strong, isn't just a random pick from the archives; it's a carefully curated journey through tales that have a knack for blending the fantastic with the relatable, stories where heroes come in all sizes and magic isn't just about wands and ring.

As you scroll through the selection, each title might bring back that feeling of the first time you saw a hobbit leave the Shire or a young wizard get his first wand, reigniting those memories of being utterly lost in a movie, where for a couple of hours, the real world with all its buzz and busyness just fades away.