'LoTR' is The New 'Star Wars' For Amazon – Here's Why Fans Think It's Bad

'LoTR' is The New 'Star Wars' For Amazon – Here's Why Fans Think It's Bad
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Is it always about ruining the iconic franchises?

With Amazon soon to premiere 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power ', some fans go full pessimistic mode before the release, judging solely by the first trailers and the current tendencies.

According to a lot of people who already seem to be disappointed by Disney 's handling of the Star Wars universe, Amazon in fact does not seek reviving and honoring John R.R. Tolkien's legacy, just trying to turn it into yet another profitable franchise — something like Disney did with 'Star Wars'.

The case of the latter is that, despite tons of new content, the studio keeps drawing massive frustration from a big part of the fandom, with fans questioning the quality of the products they are being offered. Many people argue that instead of several shows and a couple of movies in a year they would rather get one project but done beautifully and with respect to the canon and the older 'Star Wars' movies.

With 'The Rings of Power', concerns are that Amazon uses a similar strategy and tries to capitalize on classic franchises that a lot of people grew up with.

"They keep talking about how great it's going to be, but then they go and do stuff like fire actual Tolkien historians who point out that none of this is true," one preemptively disappointed fan wrote on Reddit.

However, to be fair, there is also a different sentiment going around online.

"Disclaimer, I am a major Tolkien fan, so much that I chose to do a dissertation on the history of folk and fairy tales just so I could justify talking about his works, and I am really excited by the show. And if it is not what I expected, then fine, the books still exist and nothing has been taken away from me by a big budget fantasy show being made. Personally I hope is it great, I hope it is close to what I imagine, and I hope it spurs other studios to give budget to fantasy content, not just superhero stuff." – /Iggy_J_Rly

A lot of people are just planning to drop the show in case they don't enjoy it, but it would seem that many fans are not willing to simply let it go. For them, if a major corporation keeps making something that many OG fans deem unwatchable, it's a must to let them know it and either change something about the content or stop capitalizing on it.

However, there is a chance that 'The Lord of the Rings' prequel is actually going to be good. Tolkien fans will have the opportunity to check it out when the first episode hits Prime Video on September 2.