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LotR' Ring of Power Secret: You Won't Believe How They Pulled It Off

LotR' Ring of Power Secret: You Won't Believe How They Pulled It Off
Image credit: globallookpress

Will anyone be surprised if we say that rings were really important in the Lord of the Rings movies?

Because they most definitely were, and the filming crew had quite a few tricks up their sleeves to make sure you get the best ring experience possible!

As you might have guessed by yourselves, the number of Rings of Power on the set was far greater than one.

What you might not have known is that they were different sizes: apart from the usual hobbit-sized ones, there was one Ring to rule them all: that bad boy was the size of a person's head.

But what was its purpose?

However good the theories of a giant actor on the filming set or a separate series about the Collar of Power sound, the real reason behind this massive ring's existence is purely utilitarian.

The bigger version of the Ring was used for close-up shots. It was crafted with far more details than the usual rings, allowing the operator to properly capture the elvish writing on its surface or the reflections on it.

The rings you can see worn by the actors don't have even a tiny portion of the intricacy that went into the big version.

This is a common practice of movie prop departments: they create a so-called "hero" prop that's expensive and intricately detailed for close-ups and use much cheaper versions for the rest of the film.

It also saves the crew a bunch of money: at this point, everyone knows how many props are getting destroyed during the filming process, thanks to Daniel Radcliffe and his numerous broken wands and glasses.

Coming back to our giant subject: do you remember the shot of the Ring lying in the snow?

It was, of course, the "hero" prop, but here's the funny part: according to the filming crew, the chain on that ring was big enough to tow a truck.

The only question that remains is how much more powerful is that humongous Ring compared to the normal-sized one.

If someone dark and powerful learns that that thing was not destroyed, we'll all be in big, BIG trouble.