Luke Evans Has Something to Say About Daniel Craig as 007

Luke Evans Has Something to Say About Daniel Craig as 007
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The Hobbit's Luke Evans, one of the candidates for the James Bond role, said that Daniel Craig compares favorably with the previous 007s.

In his interview with The Independent, the Welsh actor once again reaffirmed that he would be happy to play James Bond after Daniel Craig, highly praising the contribution Craig made in the franchise. Evans said that Daniel Craig's interpretation of the secret agent is much deeper than the earlier versions. For starters, Craig's Bond has a complicated and tragic backstory, which is definitely an upgrade for the franchise. This shift comes from the preferences of the modern audience, who are more interested in the story than visual effects, Evans thinks.

Another upgrade consistent with the current trends is Bond's transition from a womanizer to a character capable of a committed long-term romance, which we find in the latest James Bond franchise installments, Spectre and No Time To Die.

"We're not in the Roger Moore [era] where he sleeps with five women per film, that's not really what he's about any more," Evans explained.

The gay actor spoke to the Guardian earlier this year about his chances of becoming the next James Bond. Evans said that he didn't know if James Bond fans cared enough about the secret agent's sex life to reject a gay actor for the role.

"I don't think it really matters at all to the character, if I'm really honest," the actor added.

Now, after the Independent asked if Evans meant the sexuality of Bond or an actor playing him when talking to the Guardian, the next James Bond candidate explained that it goes well for both. As a gay actor, he has never had a problem with playing any character and taking any role, his sexuality has never been an issue. At the same time, the character of Bond has also changed, and his adventures in bed have become far less important for the audience than his story.

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Luke Evans is one of several actors considered to replace Craig as James Bond. Fans have started to create their own theories about who could play Bond next since the delayed premiere of No Time To Die last year. With the producer of the franchise ruling out the idea of Bond becoming a female character, the majority of theories state that someone other than a straight white man will be chosen for the role. Finally.