Major MCU Plothole Detected: John Krasinski Plays Two Roles

Major MCU Plothole Detected: John Krasinski Plays Two Roles
Image credit: globallookpress

The MCU may pride itself on its well-thought-out plot across timelines and alternate realities, but even Marvel is not perfect. Busted!

A fan with a keen eye for detail has uncovered "a major continuity error in the MCU, " and we promise that this is not what you expect!

John Krasinski plays Dr. Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, in 2022's

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We all know that, right?

However, the fan has also noticed that Krasinski portrays another MCU character – Jimmy Woo, who first appeared four years earlier in 2018's Ant-Man and the Wasp. A wicked coincidence, a deliberate move, or just a lazy plothole?

You might be reading this and thinking that we have lost it because another actor, Randall Park, actually plays Jimmy Woo, but hang on, let us explain.

The whole fan theory is actually based on an elaborate joke from The Office ( if you got it, congrats, you are a true fan!). John Krasinski plays Jim for all nine seasons of the sitcom.

In season 9, he and Pam hire their actor friend Steve to pull a prank on Jim's frenemy Dwight.

The whole idea of the prank is for Steve to pretend to be Jim for an entire day at the office to make Dwight freak out (which he does successfully).

Even though he is a minor character, Asian Jim (as he is known to The Office fans) is still popular to this day – and the butt of the fan's joke about the MCU!

What makes this even more hilarious is that Randall Park seems to have forgotten all about his role in The Office.

In 2021, the actor went on Conan and talked about how a fan yelled "Asian Jim!" at him and Park thought that "it was a hate crime."

Other fans have joined in on the fun, saying that the reason for the "plothole" is that Krasinski is "trying to prank Dwight" again. Talk about the lengths this guy will go to!

Hats off to the attentive fan for not seeing race (just like Dwight) and for making us question the MCU for a minute there.