Major Silo Plot Hole Season 2 Needs To Fix

Major Silo Plot Hole Season 2 Needs To Fix
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There are some things that shouldn’t be ignored.

The new Apple TV Plus show Silo has already won over many fans. And it's no wonder – the show's dystopian plot and amazing cast have made it arguably the best show in the genre in recent times.

What really captivated fans were the cliffhangers that ended each episode of the season. It just made fans wait in agony for every next one.

Still, fans managed to find some plot holes that they want to be fixed in next season.

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A glaring plot hole in the first season was actually discovered in the finale of the season. Episode 10 had a big storyline about Jules traveling around the Silo using the garbage chute. She used the chute to avoid being caught. But that gave the fans a lot to speculate about.

Actually, the topic of traveling to the Silo was raised long before that. As fans noticed, there were no elevators there, so getting from one floor to another is actually a very time-consuming process. And episode 10 just ignores that fact.

While she was in the garbage chute, she managed to climb a ladder down almost 100 levels of the Silo to evade the authorities. And it was shown on screen that she did it in almost no time. But that's not quite true.

In reality, for her to go through such a distance (40 feet between each level) takes not a few minutes, but many hours or even several days.

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And that's not even taking into account the fact that she would be really exhausted by the end of her garbage journey.

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Instead, what we see on screen is Jules moving between floors in a blink of an eye, looking physically fine (mind you, she basically broke her ribs when escaping the arrest for the first time). Fans are sure that season 2 should fix this major plot hole.

In the future, Silo writers could simply not ignore the time issue. The showrunners should develop the plot in terms of the time it would take to travel between the floors of the Silo, rather than ignoring the fact that there are no elevators in this world.