MAMAMOO Wheein and AB6IX Donghyun's Chemistry Will Make Your Heart Melt

MAMAMOO Wheein and AB6IX Donghyun's Chemistry Will Make Your Heart Melt
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They bonded over memes and licking their pets.

Collaboration between artists from different groups is a rare sight, so every interaction is a treat for fans. Sometimes you even get such unusual combinations, like MAMAMOO, a girl group that debuted in 2014, and AB6IX, a boy group that debuted in 2019. SELF-ON KODE is a show on the KODE YouTube channel that offers two K-pop idols to anonymously chat with each other to see if they'll be able to match their personalities.

Surprisingly, Mamamoo's Wheein and AB6IX's Donghyun hit it off right away. These two quickly found out they both had cute pets and started sharing photos and giving out compliments. It seems like nothing makes people bond faster than a mutual love for animals and weird memes. Even when Wheein joked she wanted to lick her cat because of its cuteness, Donghyun matched her energy with ease.

The two K-pop idols quickly accepted the usage of informal language and started exchanging messages like they were already best friends. Fans couldn't help but coo at their wholesome and funny chemistry.

Blindly chatting and laughing together, Wheein and Donghyun got to know each other more. They bonded over the same mukbang channels they both watched, and exchanged their music playlists and meaningful lyrics. After messaging Wheein for a while, Donghyun said he felt comfortable, concluding that their personalities match well.

Fans even got to witness some skinship, when these two idols abandoned their sits to cautiously compare the size of their hands. The short affectionate touch made everyone's heart flutter, as well as Wheein's adorable concern that her hands are going to feel too cold for Donghyun.

However, the carefree atmosphere didn't last for long, as both of them had to finally meet each other face to face. When Donghyun saw Wheein, he froze in his place. All this time Donghyun thought he was texting with a younger girl, and so they joked around, sent memes, playful emoticons, and even pranked each other a little. However, it turns out, he was chatting with his senior who was 3 years older than him.

As soon as he realized that, he kept bowing at 90 degrees, instantly becoming bashful and hesitant. Fans thought it was the funniest moment in the show.

Still, it became clear on the show that both Wheein and Donghyun have a lot in common. Two K-pop idols shared their first impressions of each other, mentioning how easygoing their conversation was.

"I got to know what youtube channel she watches, and that she lives with a cute cat. And I also got to know she sometimes licks her cat. I feel like we've built a bond." – Donghyun

"I felt he has a sensitive emotion like me. I enjoyed a comfortable conversation with him. I was laughing the whole time while texting." – Wheein

The fans express their hopes to see more interactions between the two idols in the future. The fandoms also remembered another moment that described their newfound dynamics pretty well.