Margot Robbie and Henry Cavill Stun in New James Bond Fan Trailer

Margot Robbie and Henry Cavill Stun in New James Bond Fan Trailer
Image credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

If EON Productions can’t get it right, fans will take matters into their own hands — and deliver the best James Bond trailer you could have wished for.


  • While a seemingly perfect candidate for the part, Henry Cavill sadly missed out on a chance to play James Bond twice.
  • KH Studio put together a fan trailer for a new Agent 007 movie starring Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie, and it looks great.
  • Fans praise the trailer’s creators and wish that the rumors turn out to be false and the actor gets to finally portray the iconic spy.

Ever since Daniel Craig stepped down as Agent 007 and hung his iconic suit, the industry has been abuzz with speculations. The name that was most mentioned whenever it came to the new James Bond actor — who is, by the way, still unknown — is Henry Cavill. At this time, it’s already crystal clear that the Superman star won’t get the part, but this didn’t stop fans from manifesting their dreams into reality.

Cavill and Robbie Stun in Fan-Made Trailer

Henry Cavill managed to be too young before and too old after Daniel Craig’s turn with the James Bond toys. Margot Robbie is still a dark horse when it comes to this particular franchise as nothing has been stated about her potential participation. But one thing is obvious: together, these two could have taken Agent 007’s adventures to the next level.

Good folks from KH Studio didn’t want to wait for the impossible to happen, so they manifested it into reality themselves. Yesterday, they released a new fan-made James Bond trailer starring Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie, and trust us: after watching it, you’ll have even more questions for EON Productions.

The movie that will never be, it already looks great. Even if it’s just a combination of various Cavill and Robbie-led scenes from other films, it’s still a winner in our book.

Fans Loved KH Studio’s New Bond Trailer

The comment section under the video is filled with praise for the trailer’s creators and discontent toward the Agent 007 franchise’s owners who reportedly disqualified Cavill from portraying the iconic superspy. Granted that he’s portraying James Bond’s prototype as soon as this Friday, on April 19, 2024, but still.

“They should probably cast Henry Cavill as James Bond ASAP! He was actually born to play the role. Too bad he lost the role to Daniel Craig, just because he was deemed too young at the time … He was actually 22. Craig was magnificently amazing though. Hope Cavill finally gets a chance to shine as Bond. Shaken, not stirred,” YouTube user traydaniel0403 commented.