Mark Sheppard Reveals How He Spent His Last Day on 'Supernatural' Set

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Mark Sheppard's character in 'Supernatural', Crowley, bowed out in season 12 after being killed by Lucifer.

Final days on the set of a TV series can be touching and borderline heartbreaking… but not always. In Mark Sheppard's case, the farewell was rather a couple of formal words than a warm exchange.

"I didn't want to make a speech for the first time in my life," Sheppard admitted, speaking to Michael Rosenbaum on the 'Inside of You' podcast. "And I think they got a little upset that I didn't make some big speech because I'm big mouth."

However, Sheppard pointed out that the last two weeks on set he spent saying goodbye to everyone personally. So apparently, it was not like he was being rude to people, but rather the atmosphere was not really all that sentimental.

Despite Mark and 'Supernatural' producers apparently having some bad blood between them, Sheppard remains committed to his fans and the SPN family, and he confirmed he's still friends with a lot of people from the crew.

He has never revealed too much about the creative differences that occurred between him and the writers, only making it clear that his vision of Crowley did not accord with that of the creators.

He was not alone in that, since many fans decried Crowley's story arc when the King of Hell was killed in season 12, arguing that the character deserved better and his storyline was just written off. However, the outrage soon died away, and now Mark seems to enjoy his post-'Supernatural' life.

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