Mark Sheppard's Candid Opinion: This Supernatural Season Was the Worst

Mark Sheppard's Candid Opinion: This Supernatural Season Was the Worst
Image credit: The CW

Ask any Supernatural fan which season was the best or worst and you will invariably get different answers.

Everyone has different opinions because of certain preferences, favourite moments, loathed storylines, and loved characters.

But some seasons do tend to attract more criticism than others, due mostly to shifts in storytelling or focus of where the tale is heading. Deaths of beloved characters can also leave a bad taste in fans' mouths and sour an entire season for them.

Mark Sheppard, who played the ever-popular Crowley from seasons 5 to 12, has broken his silence at Fan Expo Canada and revealed which season of Supernatural, in his opinion, was the worst:

"Seven was the worst season ever made. Seven would have been a brilliant Season 12. If you think about seven now, can you imagine that as Season 12? It would have been really clever. Eight was amazing.

I think that was the best linear story we ever had. The beginning, middle, and end of that season were fantastic. Nine was fascinating. 10 was good. 11 started good, got weird… 12 was just whatever it was. 13 was a reboot. It was an interesting reboot..."

While he has mentioned aspects of several seasons that he disliked, it is clear that he despised season seven the most.

To describe it as "the worst season ever made" are some strong words that leave no doubt as to his loathing for it. And yet, even this "worst" season, according to Sheppard, could have been used in a better way.

He goes on to say that the events of season seven would have been "really clever" if made into season 12. And his suggestion makes a lot of sense.

Fans will recall that season seven focuses on Dean being put on trial for his previous sins, which was an interesting concept.

Then we had season eight where Dean escapes from Purgatory, the events of season nine with Abaddon, Dean becoming a demon in season 10, and then season 11 when they release The Darkness.

Unfortunately, placing this storyline within season seven that early in the series, the writers for the show wrote themselves into a corner and struggled to move on from there. Yet they were able to pick up their game for seasons eight, nine, and ten.

And it is interesting to hear Sheppard describe season 10 as "good" when he has previously stated that he felt that was the season that tipped him off Crowley's time was coming to an end due to the character being undervalued.

His feelings toward the subsequent seasons seem to only get worse and worse from there, although he did refer to 13 as "interesting."

It does not seem that Sheppard is simply dissing seasons in which he felt Crowley was not a focal point. He seems able to consider them as a whole and apply a unique critical lens to his assessments.