Mark Tuan Reveals The Weirdest Thing About Himself

Mark Tuan Reveals The Weirdest Thing About Himself
Image credit: Legion-Media

...Yet all fans think this is actually very adorable.

Fashionably dressed Mark Tuan from GOT7 appeared in Seventeen's interview Read Receipts, where he revealed a lot of TMI, answered some tricky questions, and shared some embarrassing photos and his phone messages as punishment.

One of the questions the K-pop idol has been asked was to name the weirdest thing he could reveal about himself. At first, Mark Tuan couldn't think of anything so he decided to share his sleeping habit. The artist eagerly told everyone he has 4 pillows on his bed and loves to surround himself with them while sleeping – one goes under his head, another between his legs while he hugs another pillow, leaving the fourth one next to him.

However, Mark's fans didn't find this 'weird thing' surprising at all. They recalled seeing Mark with many pillows during his sincere talks with fans on live streams quite often and cooed at his love to surround himself with soft things. Despite Mark's chill and calm attitude during personal questions, fans enjoyed how unintentionally funny the K-pop idol was. Ahgases (GOT7's fans) even competed with Mark, sharing on Twitter their personal records and showing how many more pillows they have compared to the artist.

Actually, Mark Tuan has a long history with pillows, and he should've known the fans already acknowledged his sleeping habit. Previously, Ahgases even became self-proclaimed detectives, helping Mark find his two missing pillows which were lost somewhere in GOT7's dormitory or maybe even stolen by his teammates.

Fans find it quite hilarious and adorable that Mark loves bringing pillows and cushions everywhere with him, like an inseparable companion.

In the rest of the interview, Mark shared that he easily cries at concerts because he feels really thankful for every fan. Fans cherish the soft and emotional side of their favourite K-pop idol. He even tattooed the name of his first solo album, The Other Side on his arm to keep the precious memory.

He also revealed the most cringy GOT7 song in his opinion, throwing Nice from the Just Right album under the bus. He admitted that actually, all GOT7 members make fun of this song. In a hilarious manner, he even suspected the fans who like this song make fun of their group because he couldn't believe there was someone sincerely enjoying this song they made.

Otherwise, Mark says he tries not to keep any embarrassing things on his phone and he cleans it up every week. Considering how throat-cutting the K-pop idol industry is and how it demands for artists to uphold their perfect image, it's understandable. However, fans might suspect Mark has more weird things than just sleeping in a fort of pillows and blankets every night. They complimented his diplomatic answers to the personal questions and admired his charms.

"Truly a diplomatic man HAHAHAHA even though he's in the states and he's so much more free and independent now, he still retained some of that idol training. i like how he's working that part of his life into his current one and finding a great balance between the two quite successfully. he's so soft-spoken but his answers are really direct actually, and his SMILE and his laugh? i'm in love." – Hopee Castelo

However, before Mark had to end the interview, just when Ahgases thought they wouldn't get any new information about him, the K-pop idol mischievously revealed his secret tattoo by showing a smiling face behind his bottom lip. Well, that surely made fans drop their jaws!