Marvel Got Its "Superman Mustache" Problem In a Form of Namor's Bulge

Marvel Got Its
Image credit: Legion-Media

Excuse us, we demand the Namor bulge cut to be released immediately.

A lot of things are digitally altered in modern blockbusters, and that's no secret, but it's a little more delicate with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

As noted by Twitter user belovasoup, it turns out that Marvel did indeed, very seriously, digitally alter Namor the Submariner's bulge in the final cut of Wakanda Forever.

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What was clearly bigger during production (and even in the marketing materials) ended up being hidden in the theatrical version - and fans are demanding that Marvel "give it back".

After the recent scandal of burnt out VFX artists working overtime, the Namor edit is even more hilarious and weird.

"Imagine working overtime at 3 am and you haven't seen your family in weeks because you have to airbrush out Namor the Submariner's bulge frame by frame," Twitter user grapejuicepix noted.

Other people didn't seem to understand why the Wakanda Forever team even bothered to digitally edit Namor's bulge in his swimsuit when Thor: Love and Thunder actually went for a full nude shot of the God of Thunder and everyone was perfectly fine with it.

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Sure, we all remember the hilarious "Superman mustache" moment in Joss Whedon's Justice League, where the mustache in question had to be digitally erased because Henry Cavill had to grow facial hair for another role. But it turns out that even in the MCU, Tenoch Huerta's Namor is not the only character who has been treated like this for absolutely no reason other than a weird push to desexualize superhero bodies, apparently.

Well, at least there are eagle-eyed fans who can spot this treatment and demand justice for their favorite characters. With Marvel producer Nate Moore hinting at a director's cut of Wakanda Forever, who knows - maybe we'll get the "bulge cut"... if we really need it.