Disney Robbed Us of a Perfect Deadpool Christmas Movie, Apparently

Disney Robbed Us of a Perfect Deadpool Christmas Movie, Apparently
Image credit: Legion-Media

Do you love Christmas movies as much as Marvel films? If you do, you'll just love Ryan Reynolds' idea.

In his interview regarding the new Apple TV+ Christmas musical comedy Spirited, Ryan Reynolds told Big Issue that he had already had an idea to star in a Christmas movie back in 2018.

Marvel fans will be excited to learn that the movie was supposed to be an installation in the Deadpool franchise. Reynolds added that the script for the movie was written by him and his Deadpool co-writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Though Reynolds said he "would love to see a song and dance number in a Deadpool movie," it was not supposed to be a musical but a full action film.

Unfortunately, the movie never got made. The actor explained such an oversight by the wrong timing. In 2018, when he was pitching the idea of a Deadpool Christmas movie, Disney was in the process of acquiring 21st Century Fox, and the idea just "got lost in the shuffle."

What a disappointment for all Christmas-loving Marvel fans! However, Reynolds said he has not lost hope. "Maybe one day we'll get to make that movie," the actor said. And the MCU fans definitely think that Disney should move forward with this project.

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Many fans have noted that a Deadpool Christmas movie sounds like a nice holiday special idea for 2023/2024. With Hawkeye last year and the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special coming in just three days, Christmas-themed movies could become an annual tradition for Marvel. And Deadpool seems like a good choice for something like that.

Fans also remembered that the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special was shot at the same time as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so with Deadpool 3 currently in production, shooting a holiday special shouldn't be a problem.

As for the plot and interesting characters, fans think the Deadpool Christmas special could be the perfect movie to introduce the "most powerful mutant ever registered" by Cerebro, Santa Claus. If not him, fans want to see Deadpool filling in for Santa.

"Deadpool is kinda like Santa. He wears red, he's jolly, he can't die, and he sneaks into homes like a ninja so he can leave presents and/or murder," one of the commenters wrote.