Avatar: The Way of Water Already Has a Glaring Plot Problem

Avatar: The Way of Water Already Has a Glaring Plot Problem
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's all a bit predictable and repetitive at this point.

The final trailer for James Cameron 's long-awaited Avatar sequel, The Way of the Water, was released on Tuesday.

However, with less than a month to go before the premiere, fans have already pinpointed a major problem with the upcoming film.

It looks like the sequel brings absolutely nothing new to the story, judging by the final trailer. Moreover, in terms of plot, The Way of Water seems to simply repeat the first movie.

The final trailer makes it clear that Jake and Neytiri's family has faced some sort of a threat (let us guess: it comes from humans, although the trailer does not directly confirm it). In order to keep his family safe, Jake takes his wife and kids to the land of the Na'Vi who are deeply connected with the waters of Pandora.

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According to the trailer, Jake's son apparently has a hard time adapting to the ways of his new tribe. Luckily for him, there is a lovely local girl who is willing to help him and teach him how to breathe, hunt, and ride animals... haven't we already seen the exact same story more than a decade ago?

The only thing that has impressed fans about the movie so far is (predictably) its visuals.

"It looks visually incredible, but it's [James Cameron] so that's expected, however it still doesn't tell me anything about the movie. What's it about, why should I care about these characters?" Twitter user DJMggot1 wondered.

The trailer gives little insight into the actual plot of the movie. For some fans, that's a good thing, because "despite the multiple trailers, the plot doesn't feel like it's been given away," so there's a lot to "unpack and explore" in the movie.

Others, however, worry that there have been enough hints that The Way of the Water will simply be everything we have already seen, but in different places. While this is a great opportunity to expand the world of Pandora, it could also be a big mistake not to take it to the next level story-wise.

The visual aspect of the story, however, received little criticism from fans, with the CGI being called nothing less than "a masterpiece" and "almost real". Of course, it cost a lot of money to make something as visually impeccable as The Way of the Water, and it is estimated that the Avatar sequel will need to make at least $2 billion to break even.

Avatar: The Way of the Water will be released on December 16. James Cameron has already lined up three more films to follow The Way of the Water, scheduled for release in 2024, 2026 and 2028.