Marvel Might Bring Back an Iconic Villain, But Nobody's Happy About It

Marvel Might Bring Back an Iconic Villain, But Nobody's Happy About It
Image credit: Legion-Media

A comeback that literally no one asked for.

New MCU rumors suggest that an iconic Avengers villain, Ultron, may be returning after Phase Four.

In what appears to be a bold take on "somehow, Ultron returned", a rumor reported by The Cosmic Circus suggests that Ultron was not in fact destroyed in the second Avengers movie, with the remnants of the rogue AI remaining "dormant" and potentially still dangerous.

The rumor does not elaborate on where, when and how exactly Ultron will return (if he will). Should it indeed happen, the report continues, the comeback might happen either on Armor Wars or on Vision Quest, Marvel's upcoming WandaVision spinoff.

As a character, Vision is deeply connected with Ultron as he was basically born thanks to the rogue AI, so the project that has him "trying to regain his memory and humanity" after the events of WandaVision might bring Ultron back as well.

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However, it's not like everyone is overly excited about Ultron's potential return.

According to many fans, Ultron should have been "the villain of the entire saga", not a one-time rogue AI emerging only to be killed off immediately and then reappear some 8 years later.

Many people wonder why would dormant AI remnants wake up after such a long time, and how exactly Marvel is going to explain it. A comeback, fans fear, might only repeat the mistakes of Age of Ultron and not fix them, especially if the rogue AI gets killed off quickly once again.

After all, the main villain of Phase Five has already been made clear: Kang the Conqueror, who has immense control over his every variant, practically being immortal due to that. So, even if Ultron does come back, it's unlikely that he will be the big bad guy for a long time.

Marvel, however, is still yet to confirm the rumor. As of now, no official comments have been made on the iconic villain's potential return.