Marvel Robbed Us Of Perfect R-Rated Post-Credit Scene in Iron Man

Marvel Robbed Us Of Perfect R-Rated Post-Credit Scene in Iron Man
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There was a slightly different version of the famous Iron Man post-credit scene that Disney hasn't allowed anyone to see. Until now.

Jon Favreau, the man behind MCU as we know it, has shared recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a beautiful thing we haven't had chance to see in the last 15 years: A much more foul-mouthed Nick Fury in alternative post-credits scene.

And you won't be able to un-hear it.

One of the utmost legendary moments of Iron Man (2008), which paved the way for the staple move of the MCU and far beyond, was its after credits scene.

At the time this was not a common move. But the very fist one in Iron Man, became instant classic, and an idea so many movies outside of the MCU replicated afterwards.

In the first scene of this sort of the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson steps out of the shadows in Tony Stark's home to announce himself as Nick Fury, and state his project for the Avengers Initiative.

That's how all of us remember it because that's what we saw back then in theaters with our own eyes.

Now, director Jon Favreau revealed that there was another version of the scene, one that fully embraced Jackson's legacy of being a frightening fellow famous for using this one particular word in a memorable fashion.

The post-credits fragment can be seen in the following video, starting at 13:49.

Favreau stated this foul-mouthed version of the scene was never meant to be seen by anyone. In it, as Tony Stark asks who he is, the Samuel L. Jackson's character simply replies: "Nick Fury, mother****er!".

Although this post-credit scene basically puts into motion the whole Avengers thing, the mother****er-version could obviously never make it to the PG-rated movie.

Apparently, this take on the scene has been shot just for fun and to pay a sort of tribute to Samuel L. Jackson's past roles, from indie movies to Quentin Tarantino 's films.

As Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Favreau shows, the scene is very much real, and "this isn't a joke." Well, now we're even more sure that Nick Fury is a man you should never mess around with.