Marvel's The Fantastic Four Just Revealed Its Cast & Fans Are Not Impressed

Marvel's The Fantastic Four Just Revealed Its Cast & Fans Are Not Impressed
Image credit: Marvel Studios via Instagram, Legion-Media

While the movie itself looks promising so far, the casting raises fans’ eyebrows.


  • The Fantastic Four franchise has been severely mistreated by its live-action adaptations for decades.
  • With a new The Fantastic Four movie planned for 2025, fans are excited to finally receive a good adaptation.
  • Marvel recently announced the movie’s main cast: Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Joseph Quinn.

For all its comic book popularity, the Fantastic Four franchise has been nothing but notoriously horrible in the live-action department throughout the past three decades. Each relaunch of the cinematic FF promises to finally give the iconic heroes their due, but so far, not one adaptation has managed to come even close to that.

Lo and behold: there is another upcoming Fantastic Four movie! It’s called THE Fantastic Four (because articles make all the difference), and it promises the exact same thing.

Marvel Just Revealed The Fantastic Four Cast

On February 14, the official Marvel Studios account on Instagram did the funny: in the traditional Valentine’s Day post, the studio revealed the final cast of the upcoming The Fantastic Four movie. They just dropped the names like nobody’s business and fled the scene, leaving fans gasping for air after such an unexpected revelation.

In the new movie, Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian ), Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible ), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Bear ), and Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things ) will take over the roles of Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, Ben Grimm aka The Thing, and Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch, respectively.

Fans Upset With The Fantastic Four Cast

Despite being in awe with the unorthodox cast announcement on Marvel’s part, fans were not exactly delighted with the choices. Out of the four actors, only Vanessa Kirby has been long-anticipated to become part of the main cast as fans wanted her to take over the Invisible Woman; the three others weren’t exactly welcome.

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The decision to cast Pedro Pascal as Mister Fantastic, in particular, caused the biggest backlash as in fans’ eyes, it was the most random shot ever. But while looking nothing like Reed Richards, Pascal has become one of Hollywood’s most cherished actors throughout the past few years, so some fans still defend the cast.

“Everyone’s mad about Pedro Pascal, but he’s never given a bad performance… Plus, that’s what everyone said about Heath Ledger as The Joker, ” Instagram user Ryan Baldwin pointed out in the comments of the original Marvel Studios post.

The casting of Joseph Quinn, too, turned out to be questionable in many fans’ eyes, but what can they do? The Fantastic Four cast is now official, and the only thing that truly matters is whether this time, the new adaptation will finally give Marvel’s First Family its due — or fall flat like the previous half a dozen attempts.

Source: Marvel Studios via Instagram