MCU Fans Just Found The Perfect Way To End Thor's Story

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With 'Love and Thunder' becoming a commercial success just a few days after its release, Kevin Feige will undoubtedly give the green light to several more Thor films, expanding the story of God of Thunder even further.

With Chris Hemsworth at the top of his game both physically and as an actor, MCU's Thor isn't going anywhere in the near future. But given Kevin Feige's plans to expand the franchise in the coming decades, fans have wondered how Thor's story might end if Hemsworth decides to stay with Mjolnir for his entire acting career. And one outstanding original Marvel Comics storyline would play a huge role in cementing Asgardian's legacy as one of the greatest Hollywood heroes of all time.

The storyline in question is about Old King Thor, who resides in a parallel universe and is much older than all the gods who lived before him. With his royal gray hair and black eye patch, Old King Thor looks just like his father Odin, whose powers and title he inherited when he became supreme ruler of Asgard. And he has some incredible battles under his belt to surprise MCU fans in the future.

"Old man King Thor faces off against The Black Winter after defeating Galactus and absorbing his power? Yeah I would like to order one of those please." – /Zachkah.

However, some fans believe that in the decades since then, Hemsworth would have been less willing to spend his time on action movies, preferring to flex his acting muscles. And a small character study highlighting the end of Thor Odinson's life would be a great way to say goodbye to a beloved character.

"I would kill for an old man Thor movie to cap off his franchise. I'd want it to be a character study though and feel very self-contained rather than the typical interconnectedness of the MCU. It's so cliche to say this I know but I want it in a similar quality and style as Logan." – /Rayson223.

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