MCU Robbed Itself Of a Great Non-Superhero Show, And Now It’s Too Late to Make It

MCU Robbed Itself Of a Great Non-Superhero Show, And Now It’s Too Late to Make It
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This Marvel project would have outshone Secret Invasion for sure.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s been quite some time after Thanos has been defeated. But have you ever wondered about the five-year gap between The Snap and The Blip? It's a question that's been bugging many of us.

While the MCU did offer a brief peek into the aftermath in Avengers: Endgame and a few other movies, it barely scratched the surface. We were left yearning to know more about the daily lives of people during those tumultuous five years when half of all life simply disappeared.

Fans on Reddit shared their opinion that this could have been a great setting for a Marvel project. Empty streets, eerie silence, and a sense of loss. That's probably what the world looked like post-Snap.

A director might capture this with gray hues, melancholic music, and the sight of a lone newspaper blowing in the wind, bearing the news of the catastrophe.

There was so much potential to delve into the consequences of The Snap. How did people react? Did they blame the Avengers? Were there religious interpretations, likening it to the Rapture?

What about the geopolitical implications? Did nations rally against the Sokovia Accords, or did they support them even more? The possibilities were endless, and the MCU just ignored this opportunity.

Some fans believe that the Secret Invasion storyline would have been perfect if set during or just after the Blip. The chaos and confusion would have been the ideal backdrop for deception and identity theft.

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Others have expressed interest in an anthology series focusing on the socio-economic repercussions of The Snap. Each episode could follow different characters, much like American Horror Story.

Fans say the stories could be diverse, from a mother searching for her vanished child to a CEO grappling with half his workforce gone.

Some fans believe that there can be an explanation why Marvel didn’t go for such a project. One is that focusing too much on the aftermath would have made the MCU too dark and complex. If half of humanity disappeared in reality, our civilization might collapse.

While some believe it's not too late to revisit this period, others think it's best left in the past. The MCU is evolving, and going back might hinder its progress.

Would you like to watch a show set in post-Snap time?

Source: Reddit