"Meme Casting?" Reddit Is Not So Sure About Christopher Walken In 'Dune: Part 2'

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Frank Gerbert's screen adaptation is gearing up for its second outing with new major talent attached – Christopher Walken joined the 'Dune' sequel as Emperor Shaddam IV. But fans are wondering if the veteran actor will be able to fit in with the other actors.

The 'Severance' actor is widely known for his distinctive way of saying lines, making him an ideal target for various celebrity parodies and Internet memes. SNL sketches, such as the world-famous 'More Cowbell!' only amplify the memes about Walken's voice, for many even overshadowing his impressive acting abilities.

And Walken really is a great actor. His roles in 'The Deer Hunter', 'Catch Me If You Can' and 'The Dead Zone' made millions fall in love with Walken, and his natural zaniness made him a major movie star, appearing in many projects every year. While the actor's weird charisma obviously makes him not to everyone's taste, he is widely regarded as a great actor, and his participation in Dennis Villeneuve's latest film proves it.

However, during a recent discussion on Reddit, some 'Dune' fans were quite disappointed that Walken got the role, and even called his participation in the upcoming shoot a "meme casting."

Other Redditors have been less stern, using Walken's signature phrases and imagining what the emperor of Dune would say if he shared some DNA with the actor's previous roles.

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