Michelle Pfeiffer Doesn't Mind Returning to This Superhero Role

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Almost 30 years later, the actress is ready to revisit that superhero suit.

In the 1992 movie 'Batman Returns' Pfeiffer portrayed Catwoman alongside her co-star Michael Keaton as the caped crusader.

And just as Michael Keaton is set to return as Batman in the upcoming DCEU movie 'The Flash', it looks like Michelle Pfeiffer too is perfectly fine with the idea of putting back her Catwoman suit after thirty years.

"It would depend on the context but, yeah, I'd consider it," Pfeiffer told The Hollywood Reporter when discussing the possibility of reprising the role again.

Her former co-star, Michael Keaton, is already on it, as he is set to portray Batman again in the upcoming movie 'The Flash', absolutely ready to "get nuts", as shown in the trailer at CinemaCon.

Pfeiffer's Catwoman became one of her most iconic roles, with the actress garnering accolades from both fans and critics. Keaton himself praised the way she managed to pull off "the almost impossible combo of sexy, ironic, tragic, dangerous and just plain good."

Given that Keaton has already put his Batman suit back on, it looks like Pfeiffer's return to Catwoman is not as impossible as one might think. And it looks like she will be more than welcomed by fans – even after all these years.

Did someone say "a cool fan pitch"?

'Batman Returns' was released in 1992, boasting an 80% Tomatometer and 73% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Pfeiffer's performance in the movie is arguably one of the best ones in her career.

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