Modern Family's Biggest Drama Queen May Get a Spinoff (No, Not Cameron)

Modern Family's Biggest Drama Queen May Get a Spinoff (No, Not Cameron)
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This is not a drill: there is a chance we're getting more Modern Family content.

Modern Family is a show full of unique characters that has managed to surprise its fans in almost every episode. And that goes not only for the main characters, but also for the sidekicks and cameos.

One of the show's most popular secondary characters was one of Mitch and Cam's closest gay friends, who goes by the name Pepper.

Pepper Saltzman was brilliantly portrayed by Nathan Lane and quickly became a fan favorite.

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His personality evolves throughout the series. Pepper is a flamboyant man with a strong personality and a perfect sense of style… with a little touch of some notorious gay stereotypes, because yes of course.

Many fans felt that if the creators of Modern Family ever did a spinoff, it should be about Pepper.

And the idea excited Lane so much that he even came up with the perfect title for a potential show about his character… A Dash of Pepper.

"And where it goes, I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever see that spinoff," he said in an interview with Deadline.

Lane also revealed that the writers did not give him much of Pepper's backstory during his first few appearances. However, by season 5, the showrunners gave him something more to be known for.

It turned out that Pepper was an event planner. And that same season, he was given a partner, Ronaldo.

Lane revealed that he liked the decision to expand his character's personality by giving him a romantic relationship.

Pepper also is the one who planned Mitch and Cam's wedding, and frankly saved their relationship after the earthquake disaster.

Lane's character comes along to help them clean up the damage. That was when fans finally got to taste Pepper for real.

So the personality of Lane's character, along with his comedy talents, makes it clear why some fans would like to see a spinoff series.

Take a hint, ABC…