MODOK's Visual Design Should Be The Greatest Since Thanos, According To Reddit

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Numerous insiders confirm that this hilarious-looking villain will play a huge role in 'Ant-Man 3', and fans expect CGI to match the original character design.

A giant levitating head in a yellow support chair is what MODOK looks like in the original Marvel Comics, so it's no surprise that many fans were shocked at the news that the MCU would invite this character into live-action, since his ridiculous design is not up to the MCU's realistic character standards, to say the least. But it looks like MODOK is sure to appear in a couple of MCU movies, and Corey Stoll, who previously played the role of Darren Cross in the first 'Ant-Man', will play the villain. MODOK's part in the newest addition to the MCU film catalogue will be quite impressive too: according to the insider @MyTimeToShineH, MODOK is "Kang's advisor and second main villain in the movie".

And yes, it looks like after the controversy surrounding CGI in 'Love and Thunder' and 'She-Hulk', Marvel Studios will be able to redeem itself by creating a seriously demanding MODOK design, and fans can't wait to see the results.

"Honestly they don't even need to give MODOK a proper human looking face. They can avoid the uncanny Valley and the CGI complaints by giving him a look similar to this. White eyes with skin that is textured similarly to the way Thanos' was if you get what I mean." – /EJSYN.

Given the fact that Corey Stoll will become a MODOK after his character Yellowjacket was thrown into the Quantum Realm by Lang, fans are wondering how this change in MODOK's origins might affect both his design and his personality.

"It's easy to explain him being a big head too with Stoll playing him. Just say when he stopped shrinking after the events of Ant Man, he stopped a little too soon and couldnt control it and so his arms and legs shrunk smaller than his head (which stopped shrinking before it could be a normal relative size to the rest of the QR inhabitants.)" – /Thor_pool.

And while some expected MODOK to be a one-time villain, several prominent insiders have confirmed that this funny but dangerous character will emerge from the events of 'Ant-Man 3' unscathed

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