Monica's Reduced Season 5 Role Has Yellowstone Fans Worried For Her Life

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Is Monica Dutton destined for a sad demise on Yellowstone?

The character has been one of the regulars on the popular TV series since its inception in 2018. She's appeared in over 40 episodes yet some viewers believe that Monica's declining role on Yellowstone over the last couple of seasons is evidence that she's the next to depart.

It's unfortunate for a lot of fans of Yellowstone that are worried for her life. In fact, several speculate on Reddit and other online communities that her time on the show may be coming to an end by the end of this season. There is little doubt, after all, that Monica's role in Yellowstone has not been nearly as significant since season three.

Be that as it may, the character (portrayed on the show by Kelsey Asbille) has returned to significance in the fifth season. We are only a few episodes into the new season of Yellowstone yet (spoilers ahead) Monica has already suffered a devastating car accident. What's worse, the head-on collision with a buffalo resulted in the loss of her unborn child.

Yellowstone is a Misguided Lesson About What It Means to be a Strong Woman

Consequently, many on Reddit speculate that her tenure on Yellowstone is coming to a conclusion, even if Monica survived the crash. It's true, few characters on Yellowstone consider themselves safe from the wrath of John Dutton (Kevin Costner). Moreover, the story arc of Monica has been filled with trauma over four seasons, so why would season five be any different?

It Seems Like Yellowstone is Dead Set On Making Monica Suffer

The testosterone-fueled world of Yellowstone hasn't had much of a place for women with good intentions like Monica. Rather, the spotlight has recently gone to the more savage killers on the show, along with the unpopular Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). On the other hand, Monica has been a victim of brutality and tragedy despite trying to avoid it at all costs. Does this foreshadow her untimely death in season five of Yellowstone?

For now, fans will have to wait and see. However, it is something that TV Line speculated on last year when it predicted what characters were the most likely to get killed in season five of Yellowstone. Of course, there is plenty of evidence to indicate that Monica Dutton's time on the show is limited.

Regardless of the path Taylor Sheridan takes in concluding Yellowstone, he's never been afraid to put any character on the chopping block. As such, the frequent pain and suffering Monica endures throughout the TV show reveals she's likely destined for the same, tragic ending.

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