'Moon Knight' Director Teases Something Big For Series' Finale

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With only one episode left, the hit Disney+ series 'Moon Knight' fans are eagerly anticipating how Stephen Grant's journey will end.

The streaming service has received its fair share of criticism when it comes to the final episodes of its MCU series – many of them, including 'Loki' and 'WandaVision' ones, seemed rushed and desperately dependent on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, trying to fill as many gaps as possible. But it looks like 'Moon Knight' is going to learn from their mistakes, delivering a thoughtful and powerful series finale.

First of all, the Oscar Isaac series was fairly stand-alone, without any major connections to the extended universe, despite the fact that the action takes place within it. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the series finale will not change that, putting a satisfactory end to this part of the Moon Knight's story.

However, don't think that the series finale won't contain some important revelations and surprises for longtime Marvel fans. In recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director of the series finale, Mohamed Diab, teased some pretty wild plot twists and an incredible action scene that will end the series.

"I hope it's a satisfying wrap-up to our story. I feel it is. There are some surprises. I think the audience deserves a big action sequence, but it's more than that. It has some twists and turns, and I really feel like it's a satisfying ending to our journey," Diab said.

Get ready for the epic finale of 'Moon Knight' when the last episode arrives on Disney+ May 4, 2022.

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