'Moon Knight' Episode 5: Here's What Happened in 'Asylum' and How it Sets Ground For The Finale

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If you haven't watched the episode and don't want it spoiled, we've warned you: major spoilers are ahead!

'Asylum', the new 'Moon Knight' episode released on April 27, has turned out to be quite the emotional roller-coaster for fans. Explaining the mystery of the asylum that Marc and Steven got themselves in, episode 5 left viewers with plenty of other questions… and also took someone away from us.

The mysterious hippopotamus that scared Marc and Steven at the end of episode 4 has indeed turned out to be Egyptian goddess Taweret, who revealed to them that they are dead and heading into the afterlife. However, in order for the scales to determine whether Marc and Steven can be allowed to the Field of Reeds – the Egyptian paradise – the two needed to make peace with their trauma.

The moment of Marc actually having to address his pain has marked a heartbreaking parallel with 'WandaVision'.

We also got to see Marc's origin story with Khonshu and how the Egyptian god initiated Marc into being his Moon Knight.

When Marc and Steven finally came to terms, the boat carrying them to the afterlife gets attacked by hostile spirits – and Steven does not make it.

And Marc ends up in the Field of Reeds alone.

Needless to say, fans were left devastated as they had to bid adieu to one of the show's most beloved characters – even though technically Steven was a part of Marc.

It's unclear, however, whether Steven is gone for good and how (or if) Marc will find his way out of the Field of Reeds. This is something that we'll learn in the sixth and final episode – which hits Disney Plus on May 4.

With Marc ending up in the Egyptian paradise, the issue remains with his another alter-ego, Jake Lockley, who fans have been expecting to finally make an appearance for quite a while now. Now that Marc is in the Field of Reeds, some people believe that it will have to be Lockley who saves him and helps fight Arthur Harrow.

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