'Morbius' Returns? Fans Baffled Over Comments From 'Deadpool 3' Writers

'Morbius' Returns? Fans Baffled Over Comments From 'Deadpool 3' Writers
Image credit: Legion-Media

Ryan Reynolds' hilarious antihero is set to make his MCU debut in the near future, and it looks like the film's writers are already using some juicy memes to attract audiences.

From all but one point of view, Sony's 'Morbius ' was a disaster both as a creative output and as an attempt by the studio to make some money. But the Jared Leto- led vampire blockbuster succeeded in only one thing: memes. Internet fans adored the movie, which was a huge disaster; they used Leto's signature method acting as a great basis for a lot of jokes, coming up with phrases like "It's morbin' time" in the process. And it seems that this wave of hype is spreading pretty far, reaching even some of Hollywood's prominent creators.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers of the upcoming 'Deadpool 3 ', recently admitted that they haven't even seen the movie itself, but seeing how popular it is online, will definitely figure out how to include Morbius in the upcoming Reynolds film.

Fans are obviously ecstatic about this news, trying to figure out how this might actually work. Will it be a cameo of sorts or a subtle hint to Sony's vampire? The writers obviously haven't given clear answers, but the fandom already has some bright ideas by themselves.

"I think it will be fine. They should totally reference the Vulture post credits scene in the opening scene of the movie, Deadpool just arrives in the MCU out of nowhere and just repeats Michael Keaton's dialogue verbatim but he's just talking to some homeless guy that looks like Jared Leto. Even knowing it's coming, that being the actual setup for the movie and then it's like an actual X-Force film after that, and the film just doesn't even care about why Deadpool is in the MCU now, would be wild." – /Funkschwae.

All kidding aside, some fans are seriously concerned about whether the writers are headed in the right direction, given that 'Deadpool 3' is still a long way off.

"Hopefully the Morbius meme will still be funny in two years...then again, time can make jokes funnier if people forget about them." – /Cafeterialoca.