Most Expensive Cameo: How Producers Managed to Sign Meryl Streep Up For Mamma Mia Sequel

Most Expensive Cameo: How Producers Managed to Sign Meryl Streep Up For Mamma Mia Sequel
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Here is a success story to get inspired by.

Mamma Mia! of the year 2008 is truly an iconic movie with a brilliant cast of A-list actors. These include Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried and several other great stars.

With a light-hearted storyline and an amazing soundtrack by the popular Swedish band Abba, the movie became an instant hit and Streep's performance was recognized by critics and fans.

For those who have never seen it (we will not shame you if you watch it right after finishing this article), Meryl Streep had the leading role of Donna, the owner of a small hotel located in a picturesque landscape in Greece. She lives with her daughter Sophie, who never knew who her father was.

So when she found the journal that belonged to her mother, Sophie discovered that her father could be one of three men.

So after that she decided to call them all and send them invitations to her wedding, in order to finally find out the truth about her dad. No need to say, that caused quite a stir in Donna's life.

Well, the success of the movie was impeccable. So, 10 years after the original movie was released, Universal Pictures decided it was the right time to make a sequel. That's how the fans finally got $399 million Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Unfortunately, Meryl Streep wasn't on board with the idea, even though the rest of the cast was happy to be involved. But no one could imagine that the spin-off of the iconic movies would be released without the main actress who was responsible for its success.

So Streep decided that she could be a part of it, but only as a 5-minute cameo. However, she wanted $3 million from the producers. And frankly, they weren't surprised or angry about it.

On the contrary, Mamma Mia! producer Judy Craymer said in an interview with IndieWire that this kind of contribution from her was more than enough.

Well, we are sure that the fans were happy to see their beloved actress even for the counted minutes in the sequel. After all, it must be funny In the rich man's world.

Source: IndieWire