Most Out-of-Character Thing Dr. Strange Did Is MCU’s First Step to Ruining Him

Most Out-of-Character Thing Dr. Strange Did Is MCU’s First Step to Ruining Him
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Is it really okay for Dr. Strange to torture a poor citizen?

Dr. Stephen Strange, among other iconic Marvel heroes, stands out as a beacon of stoicism, intelligence, and a master of the mystic arts. His actions are usually driven by a strong moral compass and a sense of purpose.

However, there's one scene in the MCU that left fans scratching their heads, questioning if it was truly in line with Dr. Strange's character.

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there's a scene that has become a hot topic of debate among fans. In this particular scene, Dr. Strange and America Chavez land on Earth-838.

America assumes that food is free in this universe, and they are immediately confronted by a street food seller, played by Bruce Campbell, accusing Chavez of theft and then berating Strange.

What follows is a comedic sequence where Dr. Strange magically controls the vendor's hand, leading to a series of slapstick actions, including the vendor squirting mustard all over himself.

This unexpected comedic scene is actually a homage to Evil Dead II, also directed by Raimi. In the iconic horror film, Campbell's character, Ash Williams, faces off against his own possessed hand. The scene in Doctor Strange mirrors this, but with a lighter, more comedic touch.

In an interview with Collider, Bruce Campbell suggested that Pizza Poppa (that’s how the character is referred to in the movie) wasn't just a random vendor. He hinted at the character being an "interloper" between universes, playfully insinuating a deeper purpose behind his brief interaction with Strange.

Director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell share a long history of collaboration. Bruce Campbell starred in the very first Raimi’s film, It's Murder! and later starred in many Raimi’s movies. He also made brief appearances in every Spider-Man movie in Raimi’s iconic trilogy.

However, for many fans, this inside joke felt out of place in the narrative of Dr. Strange. While it was a delightful Easter egg for fans of Raimi and Campbell, others felt it was a misstep, pulling them out of the immersion and questioning its fit within the narrative of the movie.

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