'Ms. Marvel': Does Kamran Have Powers?

'Ms. Marvel': Does Kamran Have Powers?
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Is there more than one superhero in New Jersey?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 5

Kamala Khan appeared to be the only teenager in New Jersey who had superpowers… until now. After episode 5 premiered on Wednesday, we got a new superhero in town, and it's Kamran, Kamala's new friend from the Clandestines.

At the end of the episode, shortly after his mother Najma sacrifices herself in order to close the Veil between the two worlds, Kamran acquires his biokinetic and bioluminescent powers.

Fans particularly enjoyed the fact that Kamran's powers, unlike Kamala's, seem to be comic-accurate, even though Marvel comics portray Kamran as an Inhuman who got his abilities after undergoing Terrigenesis. However, with Najma's death looking suspiciously close to how the process of Terrigenesis was described in 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.', some fans believe that it might be too early to rule out Kamran's Inhuman origin.

But what exactly are these biokinetic powers? Well, it would essentially mean that Kamran is now capable of emitting and storing bioluminescent energy, also using it as shockwaves or transferring it into other objects.

However, Kamran's new powers might essentially mean new problems for Kamala.

"Kamran is the show's final boss. I said it before and I said he'll have similar powers to Kamala but people act surprised." – @MyTimeToShineH.

After all, in the comics, Kamran ends up being Ms. Marvel's enemy after failing to recruit her for the Inhuman Lineage – an agency that basically wants to destroy all non-Inhumans. It's unclear whether the show will follow the comics or come up with something new.

We'll get to know more on July 13, when the sixth and final episode of 'Ms. Marvel' premieres on Disney Plus.