'Ms. Marvel' Episode 2: Kamala's Visions Explained

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Fans of the Disney+ series were thrilled with the CGI that was used to create Kamala's vivid visions, but who exactly is the person she sees in them?

'Ms. Marvel' has already established itself as the perfect coming-of-age story, carefully explaining how heritage and tradition can work wonders in a teenager's life. Kamala Khan, played by newcomer Iman Vellani, appeared in the first episode as an ordinary Pakistani American girl, but later gained incredible superhero powers that allow her to manifest glowing solid objects. But the power, which originated in a bangle given to Kamala by her grandmother, did not change the girl, but only prompted her to help those in need of help.

In episode 2, Kamala was trying to understand how her powers worked, and while trying to rescue a boy hanging from the curtain from the mosque tower, she encountered her vision for the first time. In a purple haze, a woman appeared in front of the young hero, and while her name seems to be Najima, appearances can be deceiving, can't they?

Given that this mysterious woman is connected to both Kamala's abilities and her bangle, it is most reasonable to assume that she is Kamala's great-grandmother, Aisha, described as a powerful superhuman who lost her way, succumbed to her fantasies, and even killed a man, according to Kamala's aunts. And some fans even think that Aisha might turn out to be much more sinister than expected.

"I thought I would dislike the change in powers but honestly? It works. Love the nod to the first issue with the party and the orange juice having alcohol. Somehow I thought Aisha (sorry if I'm mispronouncing) was a Kree in the visions Kamala saw…but I could be wrong?" – /chocobobabuns.

The real identity of this unknown woman is sure to be revealed in the next episode, due to appear on Disney+ on June 22.

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