'Ms. Marvel' Fan Theory Explains How Kamala Could Still Be Revealed as Inhuman

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Even after that finale cliffhanger, there is still hope.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 6

If you have already given up hope for Kamala Khan to be officially confirmed as an Inhuman because of the huge mutant hint in the 'Ms. Marvel' finale… you might have been too quick to do it.

A fan theory suggests that even after Bruno told Kamala that she has a mutation in her genes with that particular X-Men soundtrack in the background, the MCU could still have her as an Inhuman.

Yes, the hint most likely means that Kamala is a mutant and not an Inhuman, but 'Ms. Marvel' has already changed so much in the source material that there is not only hope, but also a logical explanation as to how her Inhuman origin might still be a thing.

Reddit user RatioPleasant3466 has pointed out that mutants do not "unlock" their powers gradually but rather just discover them. If Kamala was indeed a human, then it's weird that she needed a bangle to unleash her powers. An object that triggers superhuman abilities definitely sounds more like an Inhuman thing, the user argued.

"After she receives her powers she never removes the bangle from her wrist suggesting that without it she is powerless. I believe that the bangle has some sort of terrigen component which would allow it to temporarily transform Kamala into an Inhuman and once she has both bangles we will see her get cocooned and her powers will look more like the comics," RatioPleasant3466 continued.

Terrigen is a cosmic component that helps Inhumans unlock their powers, and fans have already suggested that Najma, the leader of the Clandestines, went through the process of Terrigenesis when she closed the Veil between the worlds but died because she was no Inhuman.

Kamala's true origin might be further explained in the upcoming movie 'The Marvels', due in theatres in 2023. 'Ms. Marvel' final episode is currently streaming on Disney Plus, and it is unknown whether the show will receive a second season.

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