Ms. Marvel's Evolution is Based on This Iconic MCU Character, Directors Reveal

Ms. Marvel's Evolution is Based on This Iconic MCU Character, Directors Reveal
Image credit: Legion-Media

It seems that the creators of 'Ms. Marvel' are pursuing the bar set by a certain MCU trilogy.

Kamala Khan 's show will be a coming-of-age story, with the character set to undertake a self-discovering journey and basically grow up with the viewers. And it seems that the team behind 'Ms. Marvel' knows just a perfect superhero story to look up to – the story of Tom Holland 's Spider-Man in MCU.

"In the same way you see Tom Holland as Peter Parker evolve... that's the bar, basically," one of the show's directors, Adil El Arbi, told Total Film. "For us, personally, it's a masterpiece of a movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. The bar is now so high. It just inspires us and also the other people involved in Ms. Marvel, to be like, 'What can we do to try to reach that goal one day?'"

Ms. Marvel being her superhero journey as an Avengers fan and a fanfic-writing nerd, but she is going to understand that her powers do not necessarily mean that she has to do what Captain Marvel does. It's her own thing she has to discover, just like Peter Parker understood one day that he was no Iron Man.

According to actress Iman Vellani, everyone can easily associate themselves with her character Kamala Khan, because she is a fan of Marvel superheroes "just like us", and "that's why we root for her when she gets her powers."

Even though these powers appear to have been changed, early reviews have already indicated that people seem to love 'Ms. Marvel' even despite the tweaks. The show starts streaming on Disney Plus on June 8.