Ms. Marvel' Star Iman Vellani Opens Up About Her Reaction to Getting the Role

Image credit: Legion-Media

The young actress seems to be truly living every MCU fan's dream.

Iman Vellani, who is due to appear on our screens as Ms. Marvel this June, has shared some details about how she landed the role.

Marvel's casting director broke the news to Vellani as she was on her last day of high school as she was on her way to get some burritos with her friends, the actress revealed to Esquire Middle East in an interview. This was, as she puts it, "the perfect graduation present".

When she received a Zoom link and joined on the conversation, it was Kevin Feige himself to break her the news.

"Kevin Feige is like my deity in every sense of the word. I could not breathe, or talk, or anything. It was on the Zoom app, so you have to keep talking for people to see you. And I couldn't keep talking, I was just like heavy breathing to make any noise," Vellani said. "I was basically in shock for a year and a half. I'm just now processing it."

Vellani revealed that one of her screen tests actually took place via Zoom, which was "super weird".

"I didn't really know where to look or how to make a connection with someone over zoom. But clearly it worked out," the actress noted.

'Ms. Marvel' premieres on Disney Plus on June 8.

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