Ms. Marvel Trailer: All The Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Ms. Marvel Trailer: All The Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed
Image credit: Legion-Media / YouTube

‘Ms Marvel’ is an upcoming Disney+ series starring Iman Vellani. It is a story about Kamala Khan, a teenage girl who receives superpowers.

Fans already spotted a lot of easter eggs and comic references in the series’ trailer.

First of all, ‘Ms Marvel’ poster is almost an exact copy of the comic book cover.

In the trailer fans can see Kamala wearing Captain Marvel’s costume and a tiara. Khan is actually a big fan of Avengers, and according to the comic books her favorite superhero is Captain Marvel. In another scene Kamala wears a t-shirt with the image of female superheroes: Wasp, Captain Marvel and Valkiria.

By the way, Brie Larson has already reacted to ‘Ms. Marvel’ first trailer – and is rumoured to make an appearance in the series' first season finale.

Some fans spotted that in the trailer Khan is drawing The Ant-Man in her notebook.

Fans can see Red Dagger, crime-fighter and Kamala’s love interest, in this shot.

Twitter users noticed that Kamala’s powers apparently work differently than they do in the comic books. The trailer showed bracelets that create energy spheres around Kamala’s fists. This is a reference to her original powers, but a lot of Khan's fans are clearly not happy about Marvel changing her power's origins, some even accusing MCU of 'erasure'.

Yet another easter egg in this scene, Rocket Raccoon (notice that gun!) behind Kamala. Also her eyes are glowing in exactly the same way as it was shown in ‘WandaVision’.

There’s also a not easily noticeable, but very touching 'SWW' easter egg: