'Multiverse Of Madness': One Cut Scene Could've Ruined That PG-13 Rating

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It seems that Sam Raimi and Marvel Studios' creative team decided to cut one particular scene to save the film's already fairly high rating.

'Doctor Strange 2' was directed by horror maestro Sam Raimi, who managed to sneak scenes depicting brutal mutilation and turning people into bloody spaghetti into the Disney family-friendly franchise. And it seems that Kevin Feige decided to intervene on only one occasion, urging the director to cut one particular scene showing yet another Scarlet Witch's abuse of one of the MCU's favorite characters.

Talking to Insider, Raimi revealed a cut scene in which the Scarlet Witch beheads Baron Mordo in a rather brutal way. And what's more, the murdered man was actually the original Mordo from Earth-616, not the Illuminati one.

"She killed him and cut off his head. Presented it to Strange in a later scene. It was really great writing, but it slowed the beginning down too much and we had to lose it," Raimi said.

And while Raimi cites narrative problems as the reason for cutting this violent scene, it's easy to see that showing a severed head would probably have caused the MPAA to give 'Doctor Strange 2' a much stricter rating. Fans certainly support Raimi's decision to get rid of this scene, citing both the brutality and the exclusion of Mordo from future installments of the MCU as their reasons.

"The presenting a decapitated head is just too edgelordy (granted, mr fantastic and black bolts deaths were edgey but creatively so). i'm glad they didn't do it with captain america and thanos and i'm glad they didn't do it here," – /antonjakov.

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