My Chemical Romance Are Back With New Song After Years of Silence, And People Are Losing It

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This is not a drill, everyone, it's a black parade.

My Chemical Romance has made a surprise comeback, releasing their first song since 2014, titled 'The Foundations of Decay'. Needless to say, this lightning struck out of the blue and prompted an ultimate frenzy on Twitter.

The 6-minute-long song (what? yes!) was immediately anointed as an "absolute banger", and if you too felt the urge to put on that mascara and cry in emo, we totally understand.

It seems that we did not even fully understand how empty this decade felt without any songs from My Chemical Romance.

Even people who no longer associate themselves with emo culture can now feel their roots coming back to them. Right, Daniel Howell?

When the band announced that it will be parting ways in 2013, it was a true tragedy for pretty much everyone who has helped themselves through depression with My Chemical Romance songs. However, the year 2019 was a celebration: the band members said they will be reuniting, and look how far we've come.

Can you imagine what a new album from the rock icons will do to people? Neither can we.

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