NCT Taeyong's Didn't Want to Take MBTI Test But His Results Surprised Fans

NCT Taeyong's Didn't Want to Take MBTI Test But His Results Surprised Fans
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Can we finally determine his personality type after all these years?

On 5th September, NCT's Lee Taeyong uploaded a new video on his Youtube channel TY TRACK that made the fandom go crazy. After so many years, the artist finally satisfied the curiosity of his fans and took the MBTI test – yes, you heard it right.

Taeyong used to say that he won't do it because the test had too many questions. He also doubted the reliability of MBTI, being sure that the result only shows what an individual thinks of himself. Taeyong only tried to sort his personality once before and wasn't impressed. However, due to many fans' requests, the idol decided to give MBTI another go.

Going through the questionnaire, Taeyong pondered his personal qualities. The idol admitted that he is the 'all or nothing' type and is extremely curious about everything in life.

"Curiosity is what keeps me alive" – NCT's Taeyong

However, Taeyong also showed us empathetic side, saying if he suddenly offended someone, it wouldn't be possible for him to stop thinking about that person. Fans admired the idol's maturity because he insisted he'd try to solve any conflict right away, which is a much needed mindset when you work and live with a bunch of other people 24/7.

Lee Taeyong then shared more TMI about himself: turns out, he was messier than his teammate Jungwoo, although for his whole life Taeyong thought he was tidy. According to him, Jungwoo is just too much of a neat freak.

The idol showed the depth of his mind, revealing a surprising fact that he often contemplates the reason for human existence. Taeyong confessed he suffers from severe mood swings but tries his best to spend the days positively.

Lee Taeyong surely seems like a multifaceted person; he shared that his favourite books and movies are those left open for the audience's interpretation, even though the idol himself believes experience is more important than imagination. Still, Taeyong can watch a movie about eight times until he understands every single thing that occupies his mind while watching. Accepting his thoughtful nature, the artist admitted he wants to become more laid back and easygoing.

After sharing his extraordinary personality traits with the fans, Taeyong finally got his MBTI test results. His personality type is ENTP-T, 'The debater', same as Jack Sparrow's and Joker 's – much to the idol's amusement. It's worth mentioning that previously Taeyong has tried taking this test only once (because apparently EXO 's Baekhyun is the only one who can change Taeyong's mind), and he got a result similar to now: INTP personality type.

Many fans don't agree with the results partially, commenting on how Taeyong has changed a lot during all the years they know him. However, this video has brought more insight for the fandom and they are happy to feel closer to their idol. The fans praise him for constantly working on himself, noticing how Taeyong has changed from being a shy introvert to becoming a leader of the K-pop boy group NCT 127.

"He changed a lot from his rookie days (he said many times 'when I was younger...'), he works in an environment where he got to meet and work with a lot of people, so he needs to be more open, and the T, thinking, fits him perfectly, we can see this from the way he expresses himself with his lyrics and from the way he shares his thoughts with the fans." – JaeJaeMoon91

Fans accept Taeyong's MBTI type but they also make sure to remind everyone that this is only the current perception Taeyong has of himself, just a sneak peek into who he really is. Respecting the artist's doubts, they ask each other not to limit and not to judge his personality based on the test. Some even think that Taeyeong is known for always striving to improve and change himself so his MBTI test results might change again in the future.

"Taeyong's answers were all super intriguing and I'm glad he let everyone know that this is only one facet of who he is and can't be used to explain him fully because fans often tend to box him into whatever one-dimensional way they perceive him and he wasn't having that. As diverse as he is as an artist and individual he also has a true sense of self in that and that's so admirable!" YouTube user A commented.