Ncuti Gatwa Reveals For How Long He Had to Hide His 'Doctor Who' Casting

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Yesterday the BBC finally revealed the name of the actor who will become the 14th Doctor Who, and the world was thrilled to learn that the actor in question is fan-favorite 'Sex Education' star Ncuti Gatwa.

Gatwa is only 29 years old, so his Doctor Who will be the youngest yet. Casting for the role of 14th TARDIS master was highly anticipated, with fans from all over the world wondering who would be the next actor to embody this beloved role. Interestingly, Gatwa's name was rarely mentioned in conversation, so his casting came as a pleasant surprise.

While attending the 2022 British Academy Television Awards, Gatwa recounted his impressions after hearing the momentous news that he had been chosen to play Doctor Who by the BBC and showrunner Russell T. Davies.

"It's been emotional, it's been emotional. I was just saying, I woke up crying, and then I started dancing... I'm glad that it's finally out, and I don't have to keep it secret anymore, 'cause I'm terrible," Gatwa said.

Apparently, the actor already knew about the casting back in February 2022 and tried his best to keep it a secret. And no wonder – such a huge role imposes a great responsibility not to spoil the surprise for millions of fans, and it seems that Gatwa has, indeed, succeeded.

Fans have already praised the BBC for choosing the young actor for the role, calling him charismatic and worthy of the honorary title of 14th Doctor Who.

Some fans are urging the BBC to release at least one episode of 'Doctor Who' with Jodie Whittaker and Gatwa sharing the screen.

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