Neil Gaiman Clears Things Up on Sandman Season 2 Cancellation Rumors

Neil Gaiman Clears Things Up on Sandman Season 2 Cancellation Rumors
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Not the cancellation rumors just weeks after the season 2 announcement.

Netflix 's The Sandman might be a "goth emo" show, as some of its people call it, but its fans have definitely went full drama queen mode when they read a Deadline article on a "brewing new streaming war" between Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav and Netflix.

The article breaks down the skirmish between Warner Bros. and Netflix over payment terms, which could potentially affect Sandman, as Morpheus is technically a DC character. According to Deadline, Zaslav is not particularly happy with "the way that Netflix deals are structured, paying producers over the course of 18 to 24 months."

There have been no official comments as to the cancellation of The Sandman season 2, but fans immediately voiced concerns that this is something that could happen in the wake of the possible misunderstanding between Warner Bros. and Netflix.

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Luckily, The Sandman author and executive producer Neil Gaiman was quick to set the record straight.

"Sandman Season 2 has been commissioned by a Netflix and is real. Whatever behind the scenes wrangling and negotiating needed to happen to make this a reality has already occurred," Gaiman tweeted.

It's an acute issue for The Sandman fandom, though, because Netflix has already tormented people enough with the long wait for the renewal announcement. However, the good news still arrived in November, with fans now anxiously waiting for season 2.

The first season was welcomed by both comic fans and critics, and is currently availavle for streaming on Netflix.