Netflix Calls to "Protect Steve at All Costs" Ahead of 'Stranger Things 4' Finale

Netflix Calls to
Image credit: Legion-Media

As if they are not the ones to make the decisions on who lives and who dies in the show.

If you are worried sick about the future of Steve Harrington, then you might have secured an unexpected ally: Netflix itself. On Wednesday, the platform's Twitter account posted a picture of a large banner that read "Protect Steve".

The banner also features the Upside-Down-ish tentacles, with the account adding "AT ALL COSTS!!!" to the caption.

Naturally, a lot of fans were quick to share the noble urge to protect Steve, as he is believed to be one of those who are most likely to die in the upcoming epic finale of season 4. But he is not the only one.

People swiftly utilized their editing skills to make sure that Netflix knew who else needed extra protection. Among these characters are Eddie Munson, Robin and Nancy – at least these names appeared on Netflix's banner thanks to fans' Photoshop efforts.

Surprisingly, some characters seem to be less feared for. There were calls for Netflix to "sacrifice Dustin instead", with others suggesting that Mike should be thrown under the bus.

But there are also people who would like everyone to survive, even though the creators have already explicitly hinted that there will be deaths in Volume 2.

"Seriously, I don't think I can actually handle any of the main characters dying… I care A LOT about them. Even the ones that I don't like that much, like Mike. If I suffered with Billy's death and I actually disliked him, I don't wanna know how I will be in volume 2," – @AndPeggyCherrie.

It would seem that no matter who ends up dead in the finale, there will be a massive online outcry. There is virtually nothing we can do about it but wait until the July 1 premiere to experience it ourselves.