Netflix Cancels 'First Kill' After First Season, And Fans Are Furious

Netflix Cancels 'First Kill' After First Season, And Fans Are Furious
Image credit: Netflix

The decision to strike down the teen vampire drama came across as a shock to pretty much everyone.

What do you do when a vampire show suddenly becomes a big success, securing a place in Netflix 's Top 10 English-language shows chart? Well, apparently, you just cancel it.

Seems weird, but that's exactly what Netflix decided to do, having canceled lesbian vampire drama 'First Kill' that garnered an unexpected amount of fan love and easily surpassed 100M hours viewed. However, according to what Deadline has learned from its sources, the show failed to meet thresholds for viewing and completion of episodes.

Fans were stunned after they learned that no season 2 is coming despite high hopes for 'First Kill' to be renewed like 'Heartstopper '. Many people are angered because Netflix seems to be perfectly fine with greenlighting other projects that do not cover the stories that 'First Kill' did.

"But we got THREE kissing booth movies! Why does Netflix keep doing this?! I was so excited about a second season. We ended up having no finale." – @DaniielaaS

Some people saw the 'First Kill' cancellation as yet another blow to sapphic culture.

"No one is comparing Heartstopper and First Kill as shows, they are simply pointing out the fact that Netflix loves mlm-centric stories but hates sapphic ones." – @madisliv

The renewal of 'Heartstopper' – despite the show not pulling numbers as big as 'First Kill' – seems to be additionally hurting the fans of the vampire drama.

"Just to reiterate; I am not hating on Heartstopper. I love the show, the characters and everything it stands for so much. It's wanting the show with the wlw leads to be able to have the space to have more seasons like the one with mlm leads and with their viewings they should have." – @troianns

'Heartstopper', another Netflix's teenage LGBTQ+ drama, has been renewed for two additional seasons.