Netflix's Dahmer Backlash is Still Very Much On: Killer's Father Speaks Out

Netflix's Dahmer Backlash is Still Very Much On: Killer's Father Speaks Out
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One month after Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story show premiered on Netflix, it came under fire from none other than Jeffrey Dahmer's father Lionel. The 86 year old has accused Netflix of glamorizing his son's crimes.

Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, was a notorious American serial killer and sex offender who murdered and dismembered seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He was beaten to death by his fellow inmate in 1994.

Lionel Herbert Dahmer is courting legal advice on whether or not he should sue Netflix over Ryan Murphy-produced series, as well as the docuseries, Conversations With A Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes. The elder Dahmer has said he has become a "nervous wreck" due to the renewed attention to his son's deeds. He has also said he is concerned that "deranged fans" may turn up to his home. The man is upset that Netflix never asked for permission to use tapes from his son's legal team in the documentary and that none of Netflix officials has ever got in touch with him over either of the series.

"I've personally talked to a few lawyers and we've talked to his publisher about it too due to all the chaos that is going on and the stories we've seen," says the anonymous caretaker to the 86 year-old Lionel who wrote a book A Father's Story, about his son childhood and the media frenzy that followed Jeffery's Dahmer arrest, trial, and conviction. (via The U.S. Sun)

Dahmer's father has become yet another person who criticized Netflix for being out of touch. Previously Rita Isbell, sister of Errol Lindsey, who was murdered by the killer told the Insider that Netflix should have contacted her first before recreating the scene of her emotional statement in court.

"I was never contacted about the show, I feel like Netflix should've asked if we mind or how we felt about making it. They didn't ask me anything. They just did it," she told The Insider.

But it all has gone even further – eBay has to ban the sale of Halloween costumes inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer while twitterati have urged everyone to NOT dress up as the Milwaukee Monster this Halloween. Kirk Medas, an American reality star tweeted that "it should be legal to kick every person in the shin who wears a Dahmer costume this Halloween".

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story series, which has become the talk of the town this fall season, premiered on Netflix on September 21, 2022.